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(Paulding Meals and Deals)


We are excited to partner with you in bringing our service into your community. Although our company is beginning to grow, our objective remains the same, to simply support the community by “Bringing Local Businesses and Residents Together”.

We want to thank you for choosing to participate in the Student Discount Card fundraising program. A large part of our mission has been, and continues to be, giving back to the community. Our fundraising program allows us to do that by giving back to the organizations and clubs 85% of all monies received for the SDC’s.

There are some unique features to our fundraising program. First, we have designed our program with flexibility in mind to accommodate the unique circumstances of partners and their surrounding communities. We not only have businesses involved with discounts on services and merchandise, we also encourage the businesses to change the offers periodically…at no extra charge. If you are a participating business on the SDC site and want to add to or change your discount offer, all you need to do is send an email to ___@___ and we make the changes on the site, simple as that…and again, there is no charge to the business for the changes.

When changes are made to the site, an email ‘blast’ is sent out to all card holders, that have registered their card, letting them know that there are some new discounts, sending them back to the site, thus back to see the businesses that are on board. Keeping the SDC fresh with new discounts adding to the value!

We have made it as simple and easy as possible for schools, churches, sports teams, frats, sororities and other organizations to use this card for the ultimate in a fundraising experience. We supply everything you need for the PERFECT FUNDRAISER. The checks are made out to you and your organization. You keep 80% and give SDC a check for the rest. Very easy! No pick-ups, no drop-offs, no money up front…as we said, the best fundraising opportunity ever!

We would like to thank you for participating in the program and look forward to doing business and growing together.

Once again, welcome aboard!


Student Discount card!

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