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RKR Media Group Card Services Contract


Business Name _____________________________  Contact: ________________________________


 Phone: ______________________Email: ___________________________  Website: ____________________



I, ________________________, being authorized representation of ___________________________ located at ____________________________________, guarantee to honor all Paulding Discount  Cards and divisions thereof

( i.e. Paulding Athlete Card, Paulding 4-H Club Card, Paulding County PTA/PTSA card,  etc. All cards will carry the PDC and will be easily recognizable) with the discount/service/merchandise as follows: ________________________________________________________, for a period of  9 months. Only 1 (one) discount/service/merchandise will be allowed per visit per cardholder. I also understand that I will be able to change out the discounts as I see fit.


___ Listing only: As a Paulding Discount “Meals and Deals” Card supporter you will be listed on the website, giving you maximum web exposure for every card holder.  


___ Listing and Logo Ad:  With this package you not only have a listing on the website but your ad will be upgraded to a full color logo ad with a click through to your website! $20.00 per month (plus 1 time art fee of $25)


 ___ Media Value Package: Step up your discount with premium web advertising. Your logo Ad will be placed on the card website with a click through to your website, along with up to 100 radio spots Monthly on our web radio station 278 The Mix and you will have a flash banner ad placed on site. $60.00 per month (plus 1 time production/art fees: logo ad-$25, radio ad-$30, flash banner ad-$50)


___ Deluxe Media Package: You will receive the ultimate in advertising for your business. The deluxe includes the following: Your logo Ad placed on the card website w/click through, up to 100 radio spots monthly on web radio station 278 The Mix, flash banner ad on, ‘mini’ commercial shout out on Sports mix tv, Promotional materials to be handed out at all events PMG attends. $100.00 per month  (art/production fees discounted for this package; 1 time fee for logo ad, radio ads, and flash banner. $100.00)


*Payment due: _____________ Paid: ___________     Cash or  Ck   Ck#___________       DL#_________________                     Balance: __________(Balance to be paid in monthly installments of ________per month to be added to monthly package payments for ____________, to begin on ____________________.)


Sign: _______________________________   Sign: _______________________________ Date:___________


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